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2016 Annual General Meeting and Parish Reports


Annual General Meeting December 18, 2016 and January 15, 2017

The meeting of Dec 18, 2016, was called to order at 12:40 p.m. by Margaret Hesford.

The congregation was advised that the meeting will be held over two Sundays the first one being today, the second in January on the 29th in order to give the Treasurer enough time to complete the financial statements for 2015 for presentation.

Fr. Cass advised that Carol Broihahn and Barbara Truman had completed their time on Vestry and would be leaving at the end of the month. Only two individuals had accepted being nominated so he announced that John Marinello and Carrol Moss-Solomon were elected to be the new Vestry members, and the congregation unanimously approved.

The meeting was declared officially adjourned at 12:43 p.m. by Margaret.


Continuation of Annual General Meeting January 29, 2017

Rector's Report

Fr. Cass started by giving the Rector's Report in which he indicated that 2016 had been a challenging year medically for him, and he thanked all those who had stepped up to help him. He then spoke about our relocation to the Schott Community and how welcoming they have been, and outlined what they do for the dear or disabled living in the surrounding communities, as well as those in residence here.

He went on to suggest the formation of St. Jude's Guild which would have quarterly Guild meetings to discuss how best we could assist the workers and staff of the Community in areas such as volunteering to assist the Receptionist by taking a shift once a week or assisting with the art classes, crafters and also the proposed Fashion Show and 5K Run scheduled for later in the year. He issued a call for volunteers and indicated that the members of the Guild would consist of adults and teens who would wear a St. Jude's pin. He also indicated that there was a need for assistance with the gardening.

He closed by stating that he felt we are in a special place at this point in our lives, being guided by the Holy Spirit and how honored and blessed he was to be our Rector.

Fr. Cass then asked Michael Broihahn to present the Treasurer's Annual Report. For further information on this, please contact Fr. Cass directly.

Committee Reports

Reports were submitted by some of the following individuals for their respective ministries.

Senior Warden's Report - Brent spoke about our move to the Schott Community and about our finances. He also urged individuals to become more involved in our church by joining and helping in our various ministries and by volunteering to assist the Schott Community as outlined by Fr. Cass.

He then spoke about the Alpha Program, its purposes in helping to develop leaders and to serve others. He indicated it would be starting in March and he urged the congregation to attend and to bring neighbors and friends.

Samaritan's Purse - Fr. Cass then gave a short report on our contributions to Samaritan's Purse, stating that we have contributed dozens of shoeboxes every year to children overseas who would have nothing to open at Christmas were it not for organizations and churches such as ours. He also stated that the vestry had donated over $900.00 to assist the field hospitals that they have set up to help people injured in the fighting with ISIS in Iraq.

Jr. Warden's Report - Kevin read a passage from Jeremiah 17:7 and remarked how blessed we are to be planted where we are. He stated that in considering purchasing the Faith Christian property, which we could not afford, we had been afforded an insight into what are the costs involved in owning our own property. He said that we should be appreciative of where we are and mindful that we are guests and be respectful of their property and our hosts. He asked the congregation to pray and be prepared to hear God's plan on using us and to share with the vestry and each other as God speaks to us.

Deacon's Report - Deacon Flo spoke about her work as the Chaplain at Cleveland Clinic Hospital and as a Spiritual Care volunteer at Memorial West Hospital. She schedules Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers and trains new recruits and updates the Church Directory periodically. She is involved in the Kairos Prison Ministry and is a Red Cross volunteer.

Director of Chaplains - Fr. Tim spoke about his work at Memorial West Hospital since becoming Head Chaplain there. It is a 384 bed hospital with a 106% occupancy rate. They have welcomed him and his preaching. He said that he had witnessed two miraculous healings in the ICU and had performed a Baptism in the emergency room. He stated that there was a need for volunteers and he welcomed any member of the congregation who wished to assist.

Worship Team - Michael indicated that the worship team had doubled during the past year with the addition of Patrick on bass guitar, Bill on spirit-filled guitar and Mark on drums, and waiting in the wings was Rosina who will be playing the piano. They still welcome newcomers who could create a second team.

Sunday School - Jenny said that it has been a good year for the Sunday School as the class has grown and she thanked everyone for their prayers. She also thanked Paula, who teaches alternately to her and also her class assistants Letizia, Nuncia, Faith and Barbara. She indicated that the number of toddlers has been growing and we need to find space and teachers. The teens have donated enough money to Food for the Poor to provide a goat for the poor and the elementary kids have provided money for 25 chicks and are ready to provide two more flocks.

Audio Visual Ministry - Warren does both audio and visual, and is in need of an assistance to do the audio part which involves making a recording of a part of the service including the sermon.

Altar Guild, Flower Ministry and Hospitality - Carol Broihahn thanked the members of the Altar Guild who work to prepare the Altar for Sunday Service and all Holy Days of Obligation. She also thanked the members of the Flower Ministry for their participation in providing flowers for the Altar weekly. She also reminded everyone of the various functions that the church has held during the past year starting with Fr. Tim Mayberry's ordination in January and ending with Clergy Appreciation Month in October, celebrating Fr. Cass' eighth anniversary as our Rector.

Youth Group and Prayer Warrior Ministries - In the absence of Pastor Jim due to illness, the reports were read by Paula. The Youth Group consists of children from middle school through college age and they must be in 6th grade at the beginning of the new school year to be involved with youth activities. She recalled the various events that they participated in stating that it was a memorable year involving Christian concerts, a trip to Washington, D.C. touring places of interest, learning to bake and working to raise funds for trips. The trip to Washington was paid for out of funds donated by the late Jerry Konzen for youth events.

The Prayer Warrior Ministry consists of a few dedicated people praying for the needs of those in the congregation. They are in the back of the church after communion and after church to pray for your needs and will be glad to assist us in prayer and petition.

Intercessory Prayer - Margaret outlined what the Prayer Chain does and said it consisted of twenty faithful people who lift up your prayer requests daily, and that they would welcome new members. They pray for us and those far away, for long term needs, all the ministries in our church, marriages, families, troops, local national and international churches, AMIA, prison ministries and for many others.

AMIA Executive Committee - Margaret spoke about her work as a member and recording secretary of the AMIA Executive Board of which she has been a member for several years. The Mission continues to grow and change under the leadership of Bp Philip Jones, our Apostolic Vicar. She also spoke about the upcoming visit by Bishop Aaron from Kagera diocese in Tanzania who will be preaching on Sunday, February 5th.

Counters Ministry - Sharon gave the names of the various counters and the Sundays that they count the collections, and thanked them for their dedication to the church. She also gave a brief outline of the system used regarding the counting of the collections and their reconciliation with the monthly bank statement.

Coffee Hour Ministry - Debbie thanked those members who serve on this ministry indicating the Sundays on which they serve as well as those who do the Men's Coffee Hour.
She indicated that coffee and light food refreshments were served and that the members donate the food items for the Sunday they serve.
She indicated that we have been greeted with open arms by the folks at St. Jude's and that although we have had to make adjustments regarding time and space and the refreshments we provide, everything has gone very well and she hopes the coffee hour ministry will continue to bring our church family together in fellowship.

Our Website - Melanie said that in June 2016 our Web Presence Provider experienced a major breakdown due to hacking, so she cancelled the contract and moved the website to another WPP, one with whom she had experience, and as a result it has been operating correctly. The site averages 15-20 unique visits per month. She thanked Carrol Moss-Solomon for his assistance in updating her with information while she is away.

Food Pantry Ministry - Debbie and Sharon who run this ministry stated that we are the largest supporters of the St. Boniface Food Pantry in Pembroke Pines, providing food for those people who are in need. The food bags which are donated are given out on the second Sunday of the month and our parishioners return them the following Sunday with donated food items. They are then delivered to St. Boniface on the following Tuesday, where we are greeted with hugs and many thanks as the shelves are often nearly bar. They are honored to be a part of this ministry which blessed us as we share what God has given us with others.

Conclusion - At the conclusion of the various reports, Christopher Raymond shared with the congregation how he was introduced to our church. Christopher, who is a baptized Catholic, had not been attending church for a long period of time until he met Fr. Tim Mayberry at Memorial Hospital in Miramar, where he (Christopher) has served as a volunteer for many years. On asking Fr. Tim which church he was affiliated with he was invited to visit us. On doing so Christopher and his wife Janet, who is a baptized Anglican, have continued attending church regularly over the past year and he stated that they have felt very welcomed and looked forward to attending Sunday services.

Fr. Cass then said a prayer and the meeting was declared closed by Margaret at 2:12 p.m.



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