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Christmas Miracle

 - written by John & Debbie Marinello 

Some of you may or may not know about our miracle…it happened this past week…and we believe it happened because many of you prayed as well as others from all over the country.

On December 4th our 10-year old grandson, John IV, was diagnosed with two brain aneurysms.  The MRA showed one to be small & near the surface and the other was larger and deep in the brain near the spinal cord.  The reason for the MRA in the first place was because John’s grades had plummeted and because of a family history of aneurysms – 4 relatives on his mother's side.

Needless to say his parents were shocked by this news and were frantic with worry.  Their pediatrician gave them the name of a pediatric neuro-surgeon whom they called immediately and made an appointment for Dec. 6th.  In the meantime we asked many of you to pray for John as well as his family.  Our daughter in law Melissa asked their Catholic church and its school where our grandchildren attend also to pray.  We, as well as Melissa & our son John were amazed at how many people near and far were praying for them. 

The neuro-surgeon said he could see the aneurysms on the MRA and explained that he needed another test to know the exact size of the larger one and whether the walls of the aneurysm were thin or not.  That would determine what action needed to be taken.  He also hoped that if surgery were necessary that he could go up through the groin to put a shunt in the brain instead of having to go through the skull.

So John was scheduled for a CAT Scan on Dec. 13th.  Since the diagnosis on the 4th, and due to concern for his health; he was not allowed to run, jump, and roughhouse with his brothers or dad, as he has always loved doing in the past. But…people continued to pray for John and his family. 

The CAT Scan was a little traumatic as John’s veins kept collapsing when trying to get an IV started.  But finally they were successful and the test was done.  Then it was a very long weekend before the scheduled Monday afternoon – Dec. 17th - consultation with the neuro-surgeon to go over the results.  And Melissa told us that Little-John was getting scared because he was starting to realize the seriousness of the situation.  But people continued to pray. 

Melissa said that on the way to the surgeon’s office they said a prayer for a miracle to happen – that the aneurysms would be gone.

And the results were a MIRACLE!  This is the email that my daughter in law, Melissa, sent out that afternoon after the consult with the surgeon:

“ITS A MIRACLE! There are no aneurysms!!!  The one they thought was little is not even there; the one they thought was bigger is a curve in the artery.  He said we would continue to watch that artery every year.  If it was not for my family history he said he would not even watch it!  We cannot thank you all enough for your support and continued prayer.  You helped make this miracle possible!  Hugs and kisses to all of you.  We will continue to pray for the artery that is curved, but knowing how blessed we are.  This shows you if you believe and pray anything is possible. Thank you Melissa and John Marinello”

Melissa told us that after the neuro-surgeon explained the results, Little-John asked him, “Does this mean I don’t have to have surgery?”…and the surgeon replied, “Right, you don’t have to have surgery.”  Little-John started jumping up and down.  Then he asked, “Does this mean I can run, jump, and play again?”…and the surgeon replied, “Yes”.  He then dropped down on his knees put his two hands together and looked up and said, “Thank you God.”

We are so thankful for our Christmas Miracle.


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