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Jenny Bretana's Story

My Testimony

written by Jenny Bretana (pictured below) 

I was baptized and confirmed in the Anglican Church.  My family didn’t consistently attend church until I was about 11 years old, probably because we moved several times.  However from the ages of 11-14 we lived in the same small town in Canada and I attended church fairly regularly.

We moved to Florida when was 14 and I did not really connect with a church, other than visiting my friend’s churches.  I felt that the Episcopal Church seemed to consist of dull sermons and people my mother’s age.

Therefore being churchless, by the time I was in my twenties, I began to question my beliefs.  I toyed with the idea that when you died you just stopped existing.  I did not want to not exist, and decided that there had to be a God, but I did not know who He was.  I had a problem believing everything in the Bible, especially the New Testament, so I had a problem believing what it said about Jesus.  I used to think that maybe I could be Jewish, but I did not seriously pursue that.

I was, and am a person that needs the facts.  I needed proofs.  Someone gave me a book called “The Late Great Planet Earth” about the book of Revelation, and as I read it I began to realize that the Bible was accurate and that many prophecies, that had been written hundreds of years before, had come true.  I hungrily read Halley’s Handbook, which is really a reference book about the Bible, like it was novel, and was impressed with more evidences of Bible accuracy.  God knowing my desire to find Him provided me with all kinds of proofs of His truth, until I could no longer deny that Jesus was who the Bible said He was.  The barriers disappeared and I surrendered.

This all happened in my twenties, before I had to deal with life’s tough times.  I thank God I found Him so early and have been able to depend on Him during those difficult times.  My husband died in 1992, and I was left to raise two boys, ages 11 and 14, by myself.  I learned that the Bible says that God is the father of the fatherless, and would tell my boys this.  The Lord has indeed been there for them.  It was hard at times, but they turned into wonderful young men and I owe it all to my Lord.

I know where I am going when I die and I know I will see my husband again some day, and other loved ones.  I have assurance that my boys will be there someday.  My oldest son is in the armed forces, and spent time in Iraq, and I cannot begin to tell you how the Lord gave him and us, comfort and peace, over and over during that time.  You can have that assurance and peace too if you give your life to Jesus Christ.


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