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Photo Gallery Archives - 2010

In addition to the photos shown here, you'll see that a number of photographs have been provided and are displayed in on-line albums for your convenience and enjoyment.  Note that for those larger albums you can progress through the enlarged view of each photo, and also click on the enlarge instructions under any photo to enlarge it to full size.  Please feel free to print and/or copy any photos you might wish to keep.

Parish Christmas Party - December 19, 2010

This year's ACOW Christmas party took place in the Faith Christian hall on December 19, 2010.  Everybody enjoyed the good times and fellowship.

See photos of this happy occasion by clicking here (Note that there are 3 pages to this photo album, and you can click on each one individually, enlarge it to full size as indicated under the picture, print it and/or save it.

Youth Sunday - October 17, 2010

Clergy Appreciation Day - October 14, 2010

A presentation to Rev Flo

Jenny presented her with a gift on behalf of Fr. Cass and Karen with another on behalf of the congregation.  The outpouring of love is captured in the photos which can be seen by clicking here.

2nd Anniversary - October, 2010

Our Tribute to Fr. Cass and Audrey Daly after 2 years of faithful service to ACOW.

Father Cass, you have been our shepherd for two years; and in a lot of ways it seems forever. because you have shown us all your undying love and service.  You have, like the Good Shepherd, led us your flock through some difficult times - economically, yes; but, more importantly, through some difficult personal times - and we know you will continue to do so.  You have led us through God's Word and what it means to us and for us.  You have helped us know our Lord is always here beside us.  Much of what you tell us is very serious - but you always couch His message through you - with your Irish humor.  We, your flock, want you to know how much you are appreciated and how much we look forward to the years to come -- of your loving, but firmly Christian, leadership.  We love you - and in appreciation, we have a token of our appreciation for you and Audrey - for all you both do.  You are both dear to us.  Thank you."

"Holy Father, we pray for Cass and Audrey.  We ask your blessings upon them.  We pray for your guidance in their lives always.  And, we pray, Lord, that you will remain with them and will be with your flock in the years to come -- guiding us all to do your will, to go where you lead us, to fill us with your Holy Spirit, and help us to be the church that follows your precepts, that carries out the small part of Your plan that you have set forth for us to do.  We pledge ourselves to your service and pray that you guide Cass and Audrey as they lead us forward in your Holy Name.  Amen."

Click here to see the photos of this presentation.

Hot Dog and a Prayer - Outreach Ministry - October, 2010

Prayer and a Hot Dog - First Community Outreach for Prayer -

First Prayer & Hot Dog event

Cook and Fisherman Dave

Prayer Tent

Cookin' Dogs

Making Signs

Prayer & Hot Dog Workers

Parish Retreat - Sept 11, 2010

Theme: Stepping out in Faith;  a retreat led by Evangelist and Christian Vocalist Sue Sommer

Sue Sommer is a gifted Christian vocalist and evangelist, and she led us in song and Word and joy.  Click here to see a photo album of this wonderful event. (Note: The last three pictures show John juggling with the placards bearing the words for the song that was being sung.  As the music got faster he had to move them faster and faster, to everybody's delight.  He did a great job!)

Women's Retreat - July 24, 2010

Theme: Windows to the Heart; ...a journey of inner spiritual vision

It was a wonderful time of teaching, fun and fellowship.  Fr. Cass encouraged us to "stretch" ourselves; and how our daily lives and actions should be a "window" of witness to others of our Christian faith.  Fr. Cass also livened things up a bit with his colorful clergy shirt.

Annual Church Picnic, June 6, 2010

Our church picnic was held at Tree Tops Park.  We celebrated the Eucharist outdoors (under the pavilion) and enjoyed a cook-out of burgers, hot dogs and 'pot-luck' side dishes.  There were games and activities for the children (including water balloons), limbo dancing for the young and not-so-young, card games and lots of fun for all.  Click here to see a photo album of 34 photos from this fun day.

Easter Egg Hunt, April 4, 2010

On Easter Sunday on April 4th, the teens planted the eggs around the church grounds just in time for the children to leave the church to go hunting for them.  As well as candy, some of the Easter Eggs had coupons to redeem for small toys.

Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pennies from Heaven and Penny Auction - Saturday March 20th, 2010

The Irish Pot Luck Dinner started with amazingly delicious Potato Leek Soup and Pea Soup.  There was also a variety of Corn Beef and Cabbage Dishes.  There was an array of yummy dessert but the all time favorite was the rum bread pudding.

We were all warned to wear green but Fr. Cass outdid us all and came dressed in his Irish kilt.  He had us all singing some good ol' Irish songs.  We ended with the Penny Auction which started slow, but with Carol's encouragement we all joining in and it ended with lots of laughter.

Ordination of Deacon, February 21, 2010



Our very own Dr. Flo Taber-Brown was Ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 at our 10:00 a.m. service.  We were thrilled to host the congregation of Faith Christian Church and to welcome a number of visitors, some of whom traveled a considerable distance for the event.  Bishop John Miller performed the Ordination and, at Flo's request, Fr. Bill Eaton preached the sermon.

There are two groups of pictures for you to enjoy; a "Smilebox" created by Carol Broihahn, and a photo album containing additional photos of this happy event.  Please click here for the Smilebox and here for the 2-page photo album.

Congratulations, Flo!

AMiA Winter Conference - Jan. 27 – 30th, 2010, in Greensboro , NC

The Opening Procession with Fr. Carlos

The Opening Procession with Fr. Cass

Bishop Murphy in the Opening Procession

Bishop Murphy speaks, with Bishops Kolini and Tao in the background

Fr. Carlos and Fr. Cass renew their friendship

Fr. Cass and Audrey Daly



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