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Photo Gallery Archives - 2013

In addition to the photos shown here, you'll see that a number of photographs have been provided and are displayed in on-line albums for your convenience and enjoyment.  Note that for those larger albums you can progress through the enlarged view of each photo, and also click on the enlarge instructions under any photo to enlarge it to full size.  Please feel free to print and/or copy any photos you might wish to keep.

10th Anniversary of our beloved Anglican Church of the Word,

October 26, 2013

Click this link to watch a slide show of 32 photos taken during this joyous celebration. We thank the various photographers.

Baptism of Gabriel Sosa, October 6, 2013

We rejoice in welcoming this young person into the family of God.

Here are a few photos taken on that wonderful day.




The Benedictine Vows of Brother Daniel Medina, August 10, 2013

During this service, Br. Daniel re-affirmed his professed Vows as in order to become a member of the The Company of Jesus (CoJ), a Third Order Benedictine & Franciscan Monastic Community. Br. Daniel has been a Benedictine monk since 2006 when he first took his vows as an Oblate and later professed vows with the Companions of St Luke in 2007. In 2011, he briefly served as the Oblate Formation Master for a new Benedictine house in its initial formation.

As of July 2014, the future Fr. Daniel will serve as the Chaplain for the CoJ. The CoJ maintains a residential monastery (Livingstone Monastery) in Newport News, Virginia. Fr. Cass, who sponsored Br. Daniel's entry into the CoJ also re-affirmed his own vows as he has been a Benedictine priest for about 8 years.

Here are a few photos of this life-changing service.




Adult Baptism of Zachary Wilson, June 23, 2013

The congregation celebrated with joy this wonderful parish event in Donna Mellender's pool.

After the event, Donna wrote: "Thank you so much for celebrating the sacred and beautiful sacrament of baptism in such a special and unforgettable service. I think we all feel blessed to have had the honor of participating in the joy of Zach's new birth. Thank you for your servant's heart...Your sacrifice of self is an inspiration. I am also so appreciative of the delicious dishes so many people brought. We have a great group of generous and talented kitchen divas! It was an outstanding feast. Special thanks needs to be given to David Baltz (AKA "Little David) for his command of the bar-b-que! Grilling may be in his DNA, but today he exceeded his own personal best and took burgers and hot dogs above and beyond the realm of extra-ordinary. It was an anointed time spending the afternoon in the company of so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Every opportunity I get to share some conversation and laughter in the fellowship of our church family warms my heart and strengthens me. I am grateful for the love we share and the bonds which unite us in the Lord. It was an amazing show of support for our Zach. While we missed some of our congregation due to travels, ill health, and other personal reasons, their presence was felt in spirit. Set up and clean-up are never glamorous tasks but the ever-glamorous Wilsons have multitasking down to a science. Jed made the obvious comment that he can be handsome and helpful at the same time...that must be in his DNA too! I am grateful that they sponsored Zach, organized the event, provided the necessities, and did the heavy lifting. It was altogether a awesome anointed day. My home still has a glow about it. Thank you for giving me, and our whole parish, this opportunity to experience being a family in Christ."

Congratulations, Zach!  You are loved by all of us.



Acquire The Fire, May 8, 2013

ACOW Teens

Jim Wilson and 3 other adults took our teens to "Acquire the Fire" in Tampa in May and the young people created a PowerPoint slide show to share it with us all. Please check out the Teen Scene Page to join in the fun of this wonderful trip.

Easter - March 31, 2013

The ACOW Liturgical Dance Team blessed us with a performance for Easter. The Sunday School children were excited to hunt for the Easter eggs that the teens had carefully hidden. Afterwards, Coffee Hour was amazing.  See photos of this event on the Sunday School page.

Rock the Block - Feb 2, 2013

On Feb 2, 2013, ACOW held a free event to reach out to the community around the church. It was a joint effort with many helping hands, planned by the Wilson Family with Jed Wilson taking the lead. "Walk for Christ Ministries" supplied the stage and the music was heard for blocks around. The food was free, abundant and delicious. There was a prayer tent, as well as free donated clothing, games, face painting, Christian praise music and a wonderful performance by puppets that thrilled the children. We even had a clown who handed out candy and Christian tracts to everybody. Thanks to everybody who had a part in the planning of this wonderful ROCK THE BLOCK party.


R O A R !!!

Click here to see the 64 photos collected. Note that there are 5 pages to the album. Be sure to check them all. Thanks to Jenny, Wendy, Fr. Cass and anybody else who sent their pix along for inclusion here.

Epiphany Party, Jan 6, 2013

On January 6th, 2013, our parish celebrated the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ in the best possible way - with a party, including the wonderful food provided by our members.  Here are Fr. Cass' four favorite photos, but there are lots more.  Click here to see them all in an album, from which you can enlarge or print whichever ones you wish.  Enjoy.

Thank you, Carrol, for sending them along to share with the entire congregation.

Epiphany Party 003

Epiphany Party 12



Epiphany Party 16

Epiphany Party 24



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