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Photo Gallery Archives - 2016

In addition to the photos shown here, you'll see that a number of photographs have been provided and are displayed in on-line albums for your convenience and enjoyment.  Note that for those larger albums you can progress through the enlarged view of each photo, and also click on the enlarge instructions under any photo to enlarge it to full size. Please feel free to print and/or copy any photos you might wish to keep.

Christmas Caroling, December 2016

As happens every year at this most holy time, the Worship Team and other members of the congregation, ably led by our own Dr. Brent Swanson, are happy to visit Marguerite Reames and the other residents, bringing with them the joyous sounds of Christmas. We thank these players and singers for this kindness.

The Move to our New Home, Nov 27, 2016

Note from Fr. Cass:
In the weeks and months ahead we will all be experiencing some change. I know that I probably should not have used a “six letter word” like change. Many people simply dislike change. However, when we grow …we change. When we spiritually deepen …we change. When we expand our ministries into new and challenging areas …we change. But, I would add that when we grow; when we spiritually deepen; when we expand ministries and face new challenges; we flourish!

As you all, I believe, know, Faith Christian has decided to close their church and to sell the church and property. The assessed evaluation is much, much more than we, as a small family parish, could afford. Your church leadership has actively been looking for a new place for us to worship the Lord.

Then we were led, I am sure, by the Holy Spirit to St. Jude’s Chapel at Schott Communities, 6591 S Flamingo Rd, Cooper City, FL 33330 (between Sheridan and Stirling on Flamingo). Click HERE for a map of our new location.

This is a church and community that was established for handicapped children. We look forward to doing some ministry with them. I should add that the staff at Schott has been warm and welcoming to us.

Let me show you a few pictures of where we are headed.

Clergy Appreciation Day - October 16, 2016

This parish has been truly blessed with the service of our beloved Fr. Cass Daly for 8 years, and also Fr. Tim, Pastor Jim and our much loved Deacon Flo (who was out of town at the time). The congregation chose to honor them and their spouses with small tokens of appreciation, along with heartfelt thanks to God for their faithful service. Well done, good and faithful servants.

"Together 2016" - July 14 - 17, 2016

Teens from our church, led by Pastor Jim and Paula Wilson, attended a gathering of Christians from all over America gathering to pray for our nation on the National Mall. Please go to the Teen Scene page to see photos of this joyous gathering in the name of Christ.

Apolo/Musa mission, June, 2016 - a report

Dear brothers and sisters:

Herewith my report from the Anglican Mission in America mission trip to East Africa.

To my African brothers and sisters, it was an unbelievable honour to labour with you. Please encourage any who did not give me their e-mail address to e-mail me (or any of you can pass on the e-mails of other participants), so that we can share prayer needs. Also, I am blessed to have connected with a number of you on Facebook, and I would love to do so with more (Facebook can be a great tool for evangelism).

To all those in the U.S. who prayed and provided financial support: you were vital to this mission, and I am eternally grateful. I covet the same prayers and financial support for 2017 (and hopefully more, because Michael plans to go in 2017 too).

To all of you with internet access in Africa and here (as I shared with Bishop Sospeter): there is a free website http://www.thehungersite.com. You can go there once a day on each internet-connected device that you have, and make donations for free to a number of sites (currently the Hunger Site is giving to farmers in Rwanda).

My love, prayers, and grateful thanks are with you all.


Dress and wrap from Kibondo

Musa Team, 2016

Teaching in Kibondo

Graduates, May 22, 2016

Fr. Cass announced and congratulated two of our graduates who were presented with small tokens. The graduates are Nicole and Abigail Hyde. Nicole graduated from F.S.U. and Abbie graduated from Calvary Chapel Academy. Both will move on to Nova University in the Fall. Warmest congratulations, Nicole and Abigail, and our very best wishes for your future success!

Epiphany, May 15, 2016

As we usually do, the church was decorated for Epiphany Sunday and most members of the congregation wore red. In addition, Fr. Cass took this opportunity to announce to the congregation that our own beloved Fr. Tim has officially been appointed as the Chaplain for Memorial Hospital West in Pembroke Pines. Happy news, and we praise God for prayers answered.

Parish Picnic, April 17, 2016

The annual Parish Picnic, which takes place at Tree Tops Park, is always a time of good fun, warm fellowship and yummy food. This year was no exception. Thanks to all those who worked to make it such a success.

Baptism by Immersion, April 10, 2016

Below are some pictures of the baptism of Tanaeshas and Juliet Cadet, baptized into the family of Christ, at the home of Kevin & Rebecca Rahl.  Congratulations to them, and thanks to all who participated in this joyous event.

Easter Services, March 27, 2016

Children's Serenade, Feb 28, 2016

Under the direction of our wonderful Miss Jenny, the children charmed us all with several songs, accompanied by the appropriate hand gestures.

One of these pieces was sung at the visit of Archbishop Kolini, the technical problems interfered with the other songs. So, they took this occasion to treat us to all the songs they learned.

Thanks to the young people for this delightful performance.

Archbishop Kolini's Visit - Feb 21, 2016

The church was thrilled to welcome His Grace, Archbishop Kolini, who joined our worship service on this beautiful day.

The children sang for the Archbishop, which he very much enjoyed. As well, Fr. Cass invited him to sit before the congregation while he read a lengthy list of the Archbishop's achievements over the years in the service of our Lord. After a very moving homily on the spirit of forgiveness, the Archbishop was particularly pleased when the congregation, led by Dr. Brent Swanson, sang songs of praise in the Archbishop's native language.

At a small reception in the church hall, the Archbishop cut a cake and shared stories with us all. We thank God for the visit by this faithful servant of our Lord.

Valentine's Day - 2016

Once again, our amazing Miss Jenny made a giant chocolate chip cookie for our Sunday School kids to enjoy in class, while they worked on a surprise for Fr Cass. Every child work a monkey hugging them around their necks. What fun! Then they marched down the aisle with their "GOD IS LOVE" banner and presented their big Valentine card to ACOW and Fr Cass. The children all signed the card, which made it extra special.

Thank You, Jenny, for all that you do for our beloved church.

Winter Conference
February 3, 2016

Margaret and Michael Hesford attended this year's Winter Conference, reporting back that the entire event was "awesome". Below are a few photos of this event.

Bp Silas, ArchBp Kolini, Bp Chuck, Bp Philip, Bp William, Bp Gerry (back row) Bp Sandy, ArchBp Young, Bp Sylvestre, Bp William, Bp Carl (Our Bishop) (front row)

Apostolic Bp Philip, Florida Regional Vicar Don, Fr. Ivan, Cathy Curran, Bp William (Congo), Bp Sospeter (Tanzania), Margaret Hesford, Bp James (Myanmar), Bp Sylvestre

Installation of Regional Vicars with Canon Kevin (Florida Regional Vicar is kneeling on the left)

The Bishops and Archbishops at Opening Worship Feb 3, 2016

The Bishops and Archbishops at Opening Worship Feb 3, 2016

The Worship Team

Fr. Ivan, Anglican Mission in India (U.S. Base in Florida)

Betty, Bp Sospeter, Bp James, Michael, Bp William, Margaret, Bp Sylvestre

Surprise Birthday Celebration - Deacon Flo
January 31, 2016

Our wonderful Rector, Fr. Cass, is sometimes a bit sneaky. He sent a secret email to all the congregation telling them of the 80th birthday of our beloved Deacon Flo Taber-Brown. So, we all brought cards, and part way through the service we surprised her by loading her up with cards, gifts, flowers and lots and lots of love and best wishes. Dear Flo was thrilled and somewhat overwhelmed.

After the service, we surprised her once again with a birthday party in the church hall. It was a joy for us all to pay tribute to this much loved (and very hard-working), devoted servant of our Lord.

We pray for God's continued blessing on you, dear Flo, and we wish you many, many more healthy and happy years.

Ordination of The Rev. Canon Timothy Richards Mayberry, OSA,
January 9, 2016

Praise be to God!

With great joy, the Anglican Church of the Word announces that The Rev. Canon Timothy R. Mayberry, OSA, was ordained to the priesthood on January 9, 2016, by The Rt. Rev. David R. Francoeur, Network Bishop for Home Church and Evangelism.

During the 2nd part of the ceremony, The Rt. Rev. Barry Becchio, Abbot of the Order of St. Alcuin, admitted Fr. Tim to the Order of St. Alcuin, as he sought to embrace the Benedictine rule as a way of life.

The congregation congratulated the new Fr. Tim, his loving wife Marla, and warmly welcomed the visiting Bishops and clergy with a delightful gathering in the hall afterwards. The excellent food and cake were greatly enjoyed by all.

A few of the photos received of this happy event (thank you, Ginger) are shown below.



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